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Webinars and training

Make the most of your CareKnowledge membership

Dates: Tuesday 4th October 2022 / Wednesday 9th November 2022

Would you like to find out more about what CareKnowledge has to offer? Whether you're a new CareKnowledge member or you're curious about whether a CareKnowledge subscription is right for you, this one-hour session will show you how to get the most from membership.

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An introduction to MyCPD

Dates: Wednesday 14th September, 1pm / Tuesday 20th September, 12pm / Wednesday 28th September, 1pm / Wednesday 5th October, 12pm / Tuesday 11th October, 1pm / Wednesday 19th October, 12pm / Tuesday 25th October, 1pm

Are you prepared for this year's CPD deadline? Join us for this free familiarisation session focusing on MyCPD, CareKnowledge's integrated Continuing Professional Development tracker.

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Previous events

Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Girls, violence and vulnerability

This webinar was broadcast on the 22 June 2022. Replays are available exclusively for CareKnowledge members in video and audio format. 

In this webinar, Dr Alex Chard is joined by Dr Katie Ellis, Lorraine Kahn, Dr Gilly Sharpe, and Wendy Tomlinson to discuss the key findings about the girls studied in Punishing Abuse – and to examine why girls' needs are sometimes harder to identify and to meet.

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What can we learn from the National Review of Non-Accidental Injury in Under 1s?

This event took place on Wednesday, 27th April 2022. Video and audio replays are available exclusively for CareKnowledge members.

In this webinar, CareKnowledge Head of Content Rob Mair is joined by Elie Godsi, author of the Psychologist’s Report which formed a critical part of the National Review, to draw out lessons for professionals to understand the key factors that must be recognised in order to identify those children most at risk of harm.

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Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Poverty, deprivation and empowering rich social work practice

This event took place on 16 November 2021. A recording of the session is exclusively available to CareKnowledge members in a choice of video and audio format.

How poverty-informed is your practice? Dr Alex Chard, Wendy Tomlinson and expert guest speakers explore how childhood poverty impoverishes lives – and what it is in your power to change.

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Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Why professional curiosity and knowing a child well matters

This event took place on 30 June 2021. A recording of the session is available to CareKnowledge members.

This session provides an opportunity to hear Dr Alex Chard discuss his recently published and highly impactful report, Punishing Abuse, with the Youth Custody Service’s Head of Safeguarding, Wendy Tomlinson. The focus of this session is on drawing out lessons for frontline professionals working in children’s services.

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