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Organisational subscriptions

Supporting essential workforce development for adult and children’s social care



Not part of an organisation? Find out about personal subscriptions.

Virtual access to books

It’s rare these days for staff to have access to books in the workplace, but we think they're a key resource for supporting staff learning and development. The Bookshelf provides unlimited virtual access to best-selling, high quality social care books (RRP: £1000) from Pavilion Publishing, Critical Publishing and others.

A powerful collaboration tool

Community Groups bring the power of collaboration to CareKnowledge giving you, your colleagues, and partner agencies a shared practice learning space online. And when social workers leave your organisation, their Community Group contributions don’t.

Easily track CPD learning

MyCPD helps busy social work staff to track and evidence all of their continuing professional development activity, both from CareKnowledge and external sources. The one-click export function makes it easy for users to download a copy of their CPD log for supervisions, appraisals, and CPD reviews.

CareKnowledge puts professional development at the heart of social work practice and education.

A subscription to CareKnowledge gives your teams:

  • Unlimited access to expert, evidence-based information across the whole spectrum of social work practice; from child protection to dementia, mental health, learning disability and everything in between
  • Twice-weekly email updates bringing new and recently published information straight to staff inboxes
  • Real-time updates from Monday to Friday via our members-only Twitter channel
  • A monthly events email, to keep staff informed about relevant CareKnowledge Live webinars and familiarisation sessions
  • Toolkits to support them in carrying out their roles efficiently and effectively

New! Multimedia resource sets

CareKnowledge hosts regular webinars throughout the year, which are open to all. As a subscriber, your members will get exclusive access to video and audio replays, as well as additional content, including video Q&As and facilitator instructions for using the resources as part of an in-house training session.

Topics include: 

Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Why professional curiosity and knowing a child well matters

Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Poverty, deprivation and empowering rich social work practice

Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Girls, violence and vulnerability

What can we learn from the National Review of Non-Accidental Injury in Under 1s?

To find out more about how CareKnowledge can help your organisation, contact Debbie Tate by phone on 07826 870287, by email at, or click on the button below to request a quote.