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Introducing Community Groups

Putting professional development at the heart of social work practice

Information. Collaboration. Transformation. 

“We all come with a wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience - imagine the possibilities if we start sharing and learning together.”

Este Renton, Learning and Development Professional

Communities of practice 

Community Groups gives you, your colleagues, and partner agencies a shared practice learning space online - enabling you to proactively learn from everyone you work with and for.

Continuing Professional Development

CareKnowledge seamlessly blends a professional body of knowledge with CPD tracking and collaboration tools to facilitate meaningful ongoing professional development activities.


Organisational memory

When social workers leave your organisation, their Community Group contributions don’t. The content and expertise they shared with you stays with you for as long as you need it.




Your CareKnowledge

Your personalised homepage will provide links to the Community Groups you belong to,  and notifications of group updates and messages. Set a status to tell colleagues where you are and when you’ll be contactable.


A smarter way to search

Find the information you need with a personalised, blended search. Search once, and get results from both CareKnowledge and the Community Groups you're a part of.


Improving communication channels

Community Groups is a place where colleagues in Legal, Learning and Development, and Human Resources teams can share the information you need.




Keeping your data secure

CareKnowledge is hosted under ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications, and is Cyber Essentials certified. We comply with GDPR and all data is sent over a secure, SSL/HTTPS connection. You have full access control over your Community Groups.

Reducing the burden of admin

Community Groups enables you to share your experience, expertise and resources with members of your Groups - freeing you and your colleagues from trying to find things in overflowing inboxes.

Supporting NQSWs

Newly Qualified Social Workers in their ASYE instantly feel supported and part of a community. They'll have instant access to your policy documents, procedures, and the colleagues who can help them to navigate their new role.


Are you determined to put professional development at the heart of your organisation's social work practice? So are we.

Find out how CareKnowledge with Community Groups can help you to create a culture of learning and collaboration.


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