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CareKnowledge Live: social care webinars that matter

We believe that learning in social care starts with engaged minds and hearts.

Each CareKnowledge Live webinar is designed to be a formative experience. Attendees are asked to challenge their own preconceptions, engage with complexity, and reflect on their own practice - or practice they're responsible for.


Average attendee rating (out of 5)


Agreed that the webinar they attended was a meaningful learning experience


Agreed the webinar caused them to reflect on their practice (or practice they're responsible for)


Our webinar model - feel what's at stake

Getting busy staff engaged with learning and development can be a real challenge.

Our webinar model is designed to remove defensive barriers to learning, bringing experts together for interview-style conversations. 

Low on PowerPoint slides, high on space for personal reflection, sessions are scaffolded in advance to ensure learning points are drawn out for practitioners.



Previous topics

Relationship-based practice with adults - what is it, what does it look like and what are the benefits?

Working with Child Sexual Abuse Survivors: Trust and Trauma in Practice

Explosive and Non-Compliant Children: Moving from Power and Control to Collaboration and Problem Solving

Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Poverty, deprivation and empowering rich social work practice

Learning the Lessons from Punishing Abuse: Girls, violence and vulnerability

What can we learn from the National Review of Non-Accidental Injury in Under 1s?


Free to all (but members get more)

Our live webinars are open to all.

As a member, you get exclusive access to video and audio replays, as well as additional resources such as reading lists and video Q&As.

Member organisations can also access facilitator guidelines for using previous webinars as the basis for an in-house seminar. 



Let us produce your webinar

Looking for a convenient, cost-effective way to deliver learning to your team or department? Our webinar production service can help.


Bespoke service

All organisations are different, so the first step of our process is to get to know your needs.

We then work with you to develop the topic for your session, find the most suitable speakers, and outline the programme and learning objectives. We'll then liaise with the speakers to scaffold the session ahead of your live event.

Convenient and cost-effective

We handle the event organisation, registration, hosting, and the technology on the day. Post-webinar, we'll make sure everyone gets an attendance certificate for their CPD portfolio.

Need help promoting the event to staff or partner agencies? We also offer a range of marketing options tailored to your organisation. 


Content longevity

After your webinar, we'll make the content available to your members via CareKnowledge, along with facilitator instructions for using the session as the basis of an in-house seminar in the future. You'll also have the opportunity to give your attendees a safe space to continue the conversation in a dedicated online Community of Practice.

We'd love to hear about your online training needs.

Get in touch here to find out how we can help deliver your event.


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