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About CareKnowledge


Our mission

Putting professional development at the heart of frontline practice

We support workforce development for adult and children’s social care with:

  • Expert, evidence-based content
  • Virtual access to social care books
  • Online communities of practice
  • An integrated CPD log


Our platform

CareKnowledge is a holistic professional development platform for busy social care teams.  

A subscription gives members unlimited access to expert, evidence-based information and resources across the whole spectrum of social care practice, seamlessly blended with collaboration tools and an easy-to-use CPD tracker.



Regular updates

Get twice-weekly email newsletters keeping you up-to-date with the latest content, and, coming soon, the option of updates via our members-only LinkedIn group.



The Bookshelf

Unlimited access to your own virtual library of 40+ social care books from Pavilion Publishing, Critical Publishing, SAGE publications and others, updated with new titles throughout the year.



Community groups

A shared practice learning space online for you, your colleagues, and partner agencies within the CareKnowledge environment.



Content and curation

CareKnowledge original editorial - from longform, practice-focused articles, to analysis, comment and reflection on key issues from leading experts in their respective fields - plus a wealth of curated content.


Webinar content

CareKnowledge hosts regular webinars which are open to all. Subscribers get exclusive access to video and audio replays, as well as additional content, including video Q&As and facilitator instructions.



Use CareKnowledge's integrated CPD tracker to log and evidence your continuing professional development activities.


Our customers

CareKnowledge supports social workers, social care professionals, and social work students and academics.

Here's what our subscribers are saying about us...


CareKnowledge is a an excellent resource, the weekly bulletin and the resources on the web site and platform provide social workers and the wider children’s services workforce with a range of learning and professional development. Particularly during the pandemic CareKnowledge has become a strong resource with all of the digital resources that have been designed in a timely and creative style.

- Lee Pardy-Mclaughlin OBE, Principal Child and Family Social Worker, City of Stoke-on-Trent

CareKnowledge is invaluable as a resource to me. It’s my first go to site to obtain information to inform my learning. I have also contacted them directly in the past for additional information regarding safeguarding legislation and I immediately received updated information. The topics they cover are wide ranging and always current. In summary, it’s a great evidence based resource and I look forward to receiving their weekly newsletters.

- Marie Dunne, Social Worker, Midlands Partnership NHS Trust

When I completed my social work training and started working as a newly qualified social worker, I experienced a gap between social work practice and grasping with contemporary issues including changing policies and legislation. Access to resources on CareKnowledge has made the process of bridging the gap a seamless one. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to keep up to minute knowledge in social care. I highly recommend CareKnowledge.

- Ann Ozuem, Social Worker, Thurrock Council

CareKnowledge has been made available to OTs also, and contains various resources for practitioners to review and reflect on practice and service delivery. CareKnowledge has actively engaged with us to explore opportunities to increase the nature of content to be more specific to OT, and this has been very positive. The CPD section is very useful and has helped us, as a group, to frame and develop our approach in engaging with CPD activities, and capturing positive outcomes and learning.

- Gavin Beard, Principal Occupational Therapist & Community Led Support Team Manager, Thurrock Council

I have been a keen user of CareKnowledge since my local authority started to use it. As a front line practitioner I found it an invaluable source of up to date information and resources on developments, research and legislation. The weekly emails are easy to scan and identify articles/briefings of relevance, and the website is a useful searchable resource. I like the fact that there is detailed information on Scottish as well as international matters. When I became a manager, I used it to support staff as well as maintain my own learning and development. I have changed settings in the last 2 years (from Children and Families to Health and Social Care Partnership), and again, have used CareKnowledge to improve my understanding of my new role and issues faced by practitioners. I also follow CareKnowledge and its private members account on Twitter, and think this is another useful tool for keeping up to date.

- Fiona Lovie, Location Manager, Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership

I find CareKnowledge extremely helpful, relevant to my work and interests, and easy to access interesting articles. I receive the weekly email with all the latest articles which is a good, quick way of being able to scan a summary of the article to see if it is pertinent to my work and interests. This saves having to go through the links and access each article’s Abstract, so it saves some time. The email is sectioned into specific social care interests which again saves time so I can have a scan down the email and see what is relevant to me. On the website itself the articles are well organised and the Search box is extremely helpful in finding specific articles using key words. The articles themselves are very easy to access and in my view they are a professional, trusted and ethical source of information that I feel comfortable using in my work for my CPD, to develop my knowledge and skills and for own interests.

- Dawn Statham, Social Worker, Midlands Partnership NHS Trust



Our people

Customer Success and User Support Team

Ines Caluori
CareKnowledge Customer Services Executive
01273 434 943

Debbie Tate
CareKnowledge Business Manager
07826 870287

Lorna Wren
Account manager
07584 148993

Tony Smith
Business Development Manager
07590 357636

Content and curation

Rob Mair
Head of Content
07920 859040

Bryony Porteous-Sebouhian
Social Care Content Specialist

Paul Chamberlain
Information Officer

Product and marketing

Sarah Leon
Digital Director

Lauren James
Product and Marketing Manager




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