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Customer success and user support team


Ines Caluori
CareKnowledge Customer Services Executive
+44 (0)1273 434 943

"I can set up new users, remove users that have left your organisation and help with general access issues."

Debbie Tate
CareKnowledge Business Manager
07826 870287

 "I work with academic organisations, existing customers across Scotland and new customers in London, the South of England & Wales."

Lorna Wren
Account manager
07584 148993

"I work with new and existing customers in Wales, London, South West and home counties."


Tony Smith
Business Development Manager
07590 357636

"I work with new and existing customers in Midlands and North of England."

Editorial team

Rob Mair
Head of Content
07920 859040


Bryony Porteous-Sebouhian
Social Care Content Specialist


Paul Chamberlain
Information Officer

Product and Marketing

Sarah Leon
Digital Director

Lauren James
Product and Marketing Manager