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Most popular content 2023

Here's a round up of all the content most popular with CareKnowledge subscribers in 2023. You'll find our most popular book, webinar and multimedia resource set at the top, followed by a complete list of the most-read CareKnowledge editorial and curated content.


Most read book

Practice education has never had a more important role in the development and delivery of quality social work practice. Updated to include the BASW refreshed (2019) Practice Educator Professional Standards, this Fifth Edition provides step-by-step guidance and support to those undertaking practice educator awards and to those new to the practice education role. Read book


Most attended webinar

In February, CareKnowledge's Sarah Leon was joined by Dr Ross Greene - and our biggest live audience yet - for a two-hour webinar focusing on the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model for working with children. Video and audio replays of the session are available to members who missed it. Go to replay


Most used resource set

Working with Child Sexual Abuse Survivors: Trust and Trauma in Practice is a set of multimedia resources for frontline professionals working with survivors of CSA. Includes facilitator guidelines for delivering the content as an in-house training session. Go to resource set


Top articles A-Z

Adult Autism Diagnosis Isn’t Just Valid, It’s Essential: Understanding the Value, Vulnerabilities and Support Needs; Part 1

This is the first part of a short CareKnowledge series which provides context around the recent increase in adult diagnosis of autism, particularly in those demographics that have been historically underdiagnosed. Read article


Adults with Incapacity - Delayed Discharge: Good Practice Guidance

This guidance provides Scottish Health and Social Care Partnerships with a model of good practice to support a reduction in delayed discharges when adults lack mental capacity. Read article


An Investigation of Reablement or Restorative Homecare Interventions and Outcome Effects

This article evaluates randomised controlled trials describing reablement and investigates the population, interventions, delivery and sustainability of outcomes. Read article


Analysing Cultural Humility and its Function in Enhancing Cross-Cultural Dialogue in Social Work Practice

This CareKnowledge report analyses the practical application of the cultural humility framework, with the intention of improving cross-cultural learning and promoting a more equal relationship between practitioners and clients. Read article


‘Autistic Person’ or ‘Person with Autism’?

This study examines the terminology preference of Dutch autistic adults and parents of autistic children. Read article


Care Homes as Community Hubs

This CareKnowledge report explores how care homes could be part of the solution to current social issues such as loneliness, mental ill health and the cost of living crisis. Read article


Carrying Out and Recording Capacity Assessments

This article provides an overview of the law and principles relating to the assessment of mental capacity. Read article


Child Safeguarding Practice Review: Child I

A child safeguarding practice review, carried out after the death of a 15-month-old child who was found asphyxiated after becoming caught in a high chair. Read article


Child Sexual Exploitation: Learning from Case Reviews

A summary of key issues and learning for improving practice around child sexual exploitation. Read article


Determining Safeguarding Risk When a Parent is Under Investigation for Accessing Child Sexual Abuse Materials

This CareKnowledge report looks at the role social workers can play when working with a family after a parent has accessed child sexual abuse material. It considers known risk factors, the design of a safety plan and the provision of ongoing support. Read article


Empowering Frontline Professionals to Safeguard Against County Lines

A CareKnowledge briefing that summarises the key learning points from the government's updated guidance on criminal exploitation of children, young people and vulnerable adults. The report brings together some of the important themes for frontline professionals to consider when forming a safeguarding response to victims of county lines. Read article


Guidance on the Provision of Equipment and Adaptations

This guidance outlines the responsibilities of NHS Scotland, local authorities, housing and education partners for the provision of equipment and adaptations. Read article


Keeping the Promise to Infants, 0-3 Years

This report explores what it means in practice to implement the Scottish Independent Care Review recommendations for infants aged 0-3 years. Read article


Local Authority Assessment Reports

This report contains the findings of five pilot assessments carried out by CQC under its new responsibility to assess how local authorities meet their duties under Part 1 of the Care Act (2014). Read article


North Strathclyde Bairns Hoose Evaluation: Phase One Report

A report examining professionals’ views about how children and families who have been through abuse and neglect are experiencing justice, child protection, health and recovery services via Scotland’s first Barnahus. Read article


The Birth Charter for Women with Involvement from Children’s Social Care

A charter that sets out how services and systems in England should support all women involved with children’s social care from conception to their child’s second birthday – the period known as the '1001 critical days'. Read article


The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Antisocial Behaviour

An exploration of the relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and life-course offending, as well as the possible causes of these relationships. Read article


The State of Health Care and Adult Social Care in England 2022/23

The Care Quality Commission's annual analysis of the quality of health and adult social care in England. Read article


Trauma-Informed Approaches in Homelessness Practice

An exploration of practitioner understanding of trauma-informed approaches when working with people with experience of homelessness and multiple disadvantage. Read article


Work to Deliver ‘The Promise’ of Social Care Reform in Scotland by 2030 Pushes Forwards

This CareKnowledge briefing considers the current status of The Promise Scotland, its subsequent plans, and letter from Fiona Duncan, Independent Strategic Advisor, on plans for 2024-30. Read article


‘You say one thing wrong, and your children are gone’

An exploration of the use of trauma-informed practices in foster and kinship care. Read article