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Webinar: What can we learn from the National Review of Non-Accidental Injury in Under 1s?

Speaker: Elie Godsi, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, in conversation with Rob Mair, Head of Content, CareKnowledge

This webinar took place on 27 April 2022. Video and audio replays of the session are available exclusively to CareKnowledge members.


Elie Godsi is the author of the Psychologist’s Report which formed a critical part of the National Review of Non-Accidental Injury in Under 1s that was published in 2021. In conversation with CareKnowledge's Head of Content, Rob Mair, he will provide an understanding of his role in the National Review and the work he did interviewing male perpetrators of injuries in Under 1s. Elie will then present the findings from those interviews which were incorporated into the final report.

Elie is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over thirty years’ experience in the fields of adult and forensic mental health as well as public and child protection. The research for the National Review, combined with his extensive experience has led Elie to develop deep insights into many of the factors that place children at high risk of harm from male perpetrators. Elie will share the findings from the Review and enable professionals responsible for safeguarding to understand the key factors that must be recognised in order to identify those children most at risk of harm.

This will be a professionally challenging webinar that explores some real examples of where the risks from male carers/fathers were not identified with tragic consequences: clearly there are important lessons to be learnt.

In the final part of the webinar, Rob Mair will put some of your questions and comments to Elie to facilitate a more conversational and discursive experience for everyone involved.

If you are working directly with children and young people or managing a team of people that do direct work, this session is for you.

Expect to be challenged but to take away some important insight that will give you greater confidence in identifying and assessing risk.


Session objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the key findings from the National Review for Non-Accidental Injury in the Under 1s
  • Gain an understanding of the lives of the men who injured/caused the death of Under 1s in the National Review
  • Explore the nature of risk
  • Develop an understanding of 'red flags' and how to identify high risk
  • Develop an awareness of common misconceptions associated with evaluating risk
  • Deepen your understanding of what information you need to be able to assess risk and evidence your concerns


Who should participate?

  • Social workers (newly qualified to the very experienced)
  • Team managers
  • Service managers
  • Principal social workers
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners
  • Midwives
  • Health visitors
  • Other professionals who work with families and assess risk of harm to children


About Elie Godsi

Elie Godsi is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with an Associate Fellowship and Chartered status at The British Psychological Society. With over 30 years’ experience in the field of adult mental health and forensic mental health, he has spent 20 years working in NHS based services. He has worked in maximum secure hospitals with offenders detained under the Mental Health Act, in various prison settings and with young offenders in secure residential units.

Elie has particular expertise in the assessment and treatment of all forms of traumatic stress responses including those arising from Adverse Childhood Experiences such child abuse and neglect. Having assessed and treated thousands of adult victims of child abuse in various clinical and non-clinical settings, he has gained extensive international experience in the psychological assessment and treatment of adults who were abused whilst they were children, and has provided Court reports on over a thousand adults who were involved in child care proceedings.

He currently sits as a member of the National Child Safeguarding Review Panel Pool of Reviewers based at the Department for Education. The NCSR Panel is responsible for commissioning, supervising and publishing national reviews of serious child safeguarding incidents it considers are complex or of national importance and which they consider will lead to national learning. In 2020/2021 he was a core member of the NCS Panel tasked with conducting a review into cases of non-accidental injury (NAI) perpetrated on children under one year old by men with a caring role for that child. The full report was published in 2021.


Books written by Elie Godsi:
Violence in Society - The Reality Behind Violent Crime (1999)
Violence and Society - Making Sense of Madness and Badness (2004) - coming soon to The Bookshelf